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SEM Resurrection – The Patch Points

If you are following along at home, here are the patch points on the back of the SEM available for your SEM patching pleasure.  These are from the SEM Owner’s Manual.

A1: External Modulation Input – VCO 1
A2: Sawtooth Output – VCO 1 Orange
A3: Pulse Output – VCO 1

B1: Control Voltage Input #1 – VCO 1
B2: Ground Red
B3: Control Voltage Input #2 – VCO 1

C1: Sync Output – VCO 1
C2: Ground Yellow
C3: Sync Input – VCO 1

D1: Control Voltage Input #1 – VCO 2
D2: Ground Red
D3: Control Voltage Input #2 – VCO 2

E1: External Modulation Input – VCO 2
E2: Sawtooth Output – VCO 2 Orange
E3: Pulse Output – VCO 2

F1: Sync Output – VCO 2
F2: VCA Control In
F3: Sync Input – VCO 21

G1: LFO Trigger Input
G2: Ground Brown
G3: LFO Output

H1: Control Voltage Input #1 – VCF
H2: Control Voltage Input #2 – VCF Grey
H3: External Modulation Input – VCF

I1: VCA Output
I2: Ground White
I3: Output Amplifier Input

J1: Hi Pass Output – VCF
J2: Ground White
J3: Bandpass Output – VCF

K1: Selected VCF Response Output
K2: Ground White
K3: Low Pass Output – VCF

L1: External Audio Input #1
L2: Ground Blue
L3: External Audio Input #1

M1: External Audio Input #2
M2: Ground Blue
M3: External Audio Input #2

X1: Output – ENV 1
X2: Gate Input – ENV 1 Green
X3: Trigger Input – ENV 1

Y1: Output – ENV 2
Y2: Gate Input – ENV 2 Green
Y3: Trigger Input – ENV 2

Z1: +18.5 Regulated Voltage Input
Z2: Ground
Z3: Ground Black
Z4: -18.5 Regulated Voltage Input

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  1. Adam S
    April 24, 2012 at 12:17 am

    Thanks for sharing your notes on this project. I’m fixing up my SEMs right now and this is a big help. One correction on this list: F2 is VCA Control Input, not ground, at least according to the copy of the owners manual I’m looking at.

  2. July 21, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Yep, F2 is indeed VCA CV In.

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